Hungarian CIVIC4G Club for all the people who don't speak polish

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Re: Hungarian CIVIC4G Club

przez Kumo-san » 2015-11-11, 13:43

Hi guys,

My name is Jozef and I´m "founder" of Slovak club/page 4G.SK, for now just on Facebook. Problem was that I sold my sedan 2 years ago that´s why there is basically nothing on that Facebook page. But I bought my sedan back (cause my heart was cryin for 2 years) and my plan is to build proper old school 4th generation club in Slovakia, and cars as well of course. And maybe one day we can unite somewhere as ONE fan club. I see lots of GREAT cars around in your country´s so why not :)

Let´s make it one day big as it is for example Worthersee for VAG people.

Sendin greetings all over the Europe.

Kumo-san :super:

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